WALL·E and Xmas

It’s Xmas Eve and I am home watching WALL·E on my computer. I Netflixed it recently and I have not allowed myself to watch it all the way through since it arrived.

I’m struck by how much WALL·E reminds me of me. Yeah, I am sure that’s sort of intrinsic to the appeal of the character and the film. But seriously…his clumsiness, sweetness, and charm? Me.


So it’s Xmas Eve and I am home alone. This is the way I planned things this year. Tomorrow, Xmas Day, I am meeting one of my loveliest friends for breakfast at Veselka and then we are going to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. She’ll go to work and I’ll go feed the cats of friends who are out of town and then at night we will meet up again and have a lovely non-christmassy xmas.

Because I just don’t and can’t do xmas the way I used to. More about that some other time. Maybe.


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