Silent / Silence

There have been no new posts for a while now. I’m writing, it’s just that what I am writing is not what I want to be writing. The whole “Death by Installment” thing makes me unhappy; what I’ve written for that I’ll not be posting. And other than that, I have been sick and busy and moving and not checking in. I’ve been writing in my private journal again–this is a good thing–but that’s private. I think my days of declaring myself Human in public forums might be over.

So…where does that leave me? Am I going to use this forum that I created for anything? I think I’ll give myself an assignment. (I’m making this shit up on the fly.) Okay. I’ll write a weekly entry about New York City. It’s a big city with a remarkable history. There ought to be something I can find to write about once a week. And…NYC is something I love. Beats the hell out of trying to write about anything else.

So…silent no more?


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