“You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war.” – Albert Einstein

“Let’s get ready to rumble.” – Michael Buffer


It occurred to me as I rolled out of bed this morning that the USA might be on the verge of being perpetually at war. More than Mr. Bush, Mr. Obama is a “war president” because every day of his presidency has found our country at war. If this is to change, we need to expect something better of our country.

Has the health coverage debate been a smoke screen to keep us from addressing the real issue of your time? Do we want our country to be a war machine? What worth is it to our hearts to make health insurance (not care–just insurance) available to all citizens of this country while we continue to tear limbs off of people in other lands?

We’re way past requesting someone to give peace a chance. If our goal in these wars is to gain security, aren’t we committing a logical fallacy?

If all the ruckus over the health care debate was about offering universal health care, perhaps I would feel a little less cynical this morning, but we aren’t even talking about that. All that we seem to be doing is rearranging things so that insurance companies stay even more deeply embedded in the health care industry. I doubt I am the only one who expects things to get worse once the Congress and lobbyists figure out the best way to siphon even more money from our government while not fixing the real problem.

I want my country to be better than we have been behaving. We’re way past blaming Bush/Cheney anymore. There’s no reason for us to be in Iraq. Many believe that the war in Afghanistan is no longer necessary. And I have read too many times that the real war is in Pakistan.

Are we opening a McWar franchise in Pakistan soon?

Why does it seem that the only export the USA has to offer anymore is destruction?

I support our president. And I want him to steer us in a different direction. I crave that change we were promised. Sometimes you have to head completely off-course to go where you are meant to be. Maybe it’s time to stop allowing profit-and-loss determine our national interest.

Well, that’ll probably never happen in the USA. I suppose it’s like expecting a shark to become a vegetarian.

One final thought: I bet you anything that if we changed our nation’s name to an actual name and not a brand, we might soften up a little. Could it be that simple? Re-brand the USA to make us less war-like and arrogant? The USA is not America and we have no right to that as our national identity, so we need something new. Something catchy. Any ideas? Oceania is my pick.



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