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Looking forward to exploring my new neighborhood

I moved to Andersonville recently after five and a half months of being spoiled in a loft in the Loop.  I share my new place with a good fellow named Paul. I’m already charmed by the new neighborhood and I’m going to go out for a stroll to see what’s happening on a Saturday evening.

I might even report on my findings!


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The NY Neo-Futurists and Me

I don’t have too many words to share today, and I was reminded today of how tremendous these people are and were to me in NYC, so I’m sharing this video snapshot of one of the best theater companies in NYC. I also consider them my adoptive family.

More about them soon.

Until then, to learn more about the NY Neo-Futurists, please visit For info on the original Neo-Futurists based here in Chicago, check out

Have a good show.


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